Upcoming events

Date Event Location Speakers
August 28–30, 2024 Action Design Research Workshop Espoo Maung Sein
Sandeep Purao
Amir Haj-Bolouri
Matti Rossi
October 30 – December 11, 2024 TJTJ7706 Theory and Research in Information Systems 4 ECTS online/Jyväskylä Tuure Tuunanen

Past events

Date Event Location Speakers
May 27–28, 2024 Algorithmic Management Jyväskylä Monideepa Tarafdar
May 16–17, 2024 Digital Ecosystems and Ecological Resilience Espoo Attila Márton
May 1–26, 2024 Information Systems Research 3 ECTS online Tuure Tuunanen
April 22–23, 2024 Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA) in Information Systems Turku Ilias O. Pappas
October 25 – December 13, 2023 Design Science Research Jyväskylä Tuure Tuunanen
October 11, 2023 Ethnographic Approaches in Information Science Research Tampere Tuomas Harviainen
September 18–20, 2023 IS Research in Data and AI Economy Lappeenranta Patrick Mikalef
Najmul Islam
September 4–15, 2023 Qualitative Research Workshop online Michael D. Myers
June 19–20, 2023 Building Theories in Information Systems Espoo Sirkka Jarvenpaa
May 11–12, 2023 PhD Seminar on AI-Assisted Software Engineering Pori
May 4, 2023 Cybersecurity of Supply Chains online Steven Melnyk
Toni Männistö
Juha Hintsa
Tero Vartiainen
March 30–31, 2023 Artificial intelligence and the future of work Espoo Joe Nandhakumar
Matti Rossi
March 21–23, 2023 Understanding and Using Grounded Theory Method (GTM) 40100 Jyväskylä Cathy Urquhart
February 14–15, 2023 Thinking about Time and Time Management in your Ph.D Online Kieran Conboy
November 21–23, 2022 Researching Emerging Technologies in Information Systems Jyväskylä Juho Lindman
November 15–16, 2022 Strategic approach to platform-based software and systems development Espoo Slinger Jansen
Bean Eaton
October 3–4, 2022 Happimetrics Workshop - Measuring Collaboration using SNA and AI Lahti Peter A. Gloor
September 14–16, 2022 Action Design Research Workshop Espoo Maung Sein
Sandeep Purao
Amir Haj-Bolouri
Matti Rossi
September 6–8, 2022 Promote your research in Industry and Academia Tampere Andrea Janes
Valentina Lenarduzzi
Davide Taibi
May 17–19, 2022 Mixed-methods research Jyväskylä Viswanath Venkatesh
April 20–21, 2022 The Digital X Phenomena Turku Abayomi Baiyere
November 9, 2021 Cybersecurity and resilience of critical infrastructures: Case of Smart Systems Online Tero Vartiainen
Mike Mekkanen
Jyri Paasonen
Jonna Järveläinen
November 8 – January 7, 2022 Philosophy of Science for Doctoral Students Online Lauri Kettunen
Tommi Mikkonen
Amir Haj-Bolour
June 1–18, 2021 Qualitative Research Workshop Online Michael D. Myers
May 20–27, 2021 Designing Design Research Online Jan vom Brocke
Robert Winter
April 15 – July 31, 2021 Information Systems Research 3 ECTS Online Tuure Tuunanen
March 24, 2021 Productizing APIs and Data for Ecosystems Osaango Academy Amancio Bouza
Toni Luhti
Mehdi Medjaoui
Jarkko Moilanen
Marjukka Niinioja
Hendrik Wolff
November 2 – December 3, 2020 Validity in Design Science Research WebEx Jeffrey Parsons
March 23–24, 2020 Qualitative Research Methods in Information Systems (CANCELLED) Espoo Karl Reiner Lang
February 10–11, 2020 Designing for Sustainable Practices Espoo Matti Rossi
Virpi Tuunainen
Leona Chandra Kruse
January 25, 2020 Inforte PhD Seminar on Qualitative Comparative Analysis Espoo Kalle Lyytinen
December 3–4, 2019 Sustainability effects of software and ICT systems - assessing and increasing the awareness Lappeenranta Jari Porras
Birgit Penzenstadler
Colin Venters
November 28, 2019 2nd Vaasa Workshop on Machine Intelligence and Applications (MIA) Vaasa
November 21–22, 2019 Action Design Research Workshop Espoo Maung Sein
Matti Rossi
Amir Haj-Bolouri
November 7–8, 2019 Information, perception and decision: how smart are organizations? Turku Reima Suomi
Isabel Ramos
September 25–26, 2019 Time Management and Your PhD Espoo Kieran Conboy
September 2–4, 2019 Summer School on Software Evolution: From Monolithic to Cloud-Native Tampere Davide Taibi
Sebastiano Panichella
Josef Spillner
Soheila Dehghanzadeh
August 20–22, 2019 Designing a Design Science Research Project Jyväskylä Robert Winter
Tuure Tuunanen
August 8–9, 2019 Blockchain: Emerging Trends in Research and Practice Espoo Chee-Wee Tan
June 10–12, 2019 Software Quality and Bug Prediction with Machine Learning Tampere Fabio Palomba
Valentina Lenarduzzi
June 5–7, 2019 Inforte Seminar: Accessibility, Children, and Technology Tampere Franca Garzotto
Fransesco Vona
Markku Turunen
Juhani Linna
Eija Kakko
Nancy Nilsson
Sumita Sharma
May 28–29, 2019 Measuring Individual Behavior Workshop Jyväskylä Merrill Warkentin
April 11–12, 2019 Delivering market information on health and social services Turku Mirella Cacace
Reima Suomi
December 10–11, 2018 Smart Cities and ICT Development Tampere Samuli Pekkola
Marijn Janssen
Ida Lindgren
Juha Mustonen
November 21–22, 2018 Data Collection and Data Analysis in Software Engineering Tampere Sandro Morasca
Luigi Lavazza
November 2, 2018 Reconsidering Theories in IS Jyväskylä Mikko Siponen
Tuula Klaavuniemi
October 31 – November 1, 2018 Theorizing in Design and Design Theories Jyväskylä Richard Baskerville
October 17–18, 2018 Conducting industry-relevant software engineering research: Experience and guidelines Oulu Vahid Garousi
September 27–28, 2018 Building Next Generation IS Theories Helsinki Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa
September 12–14, 2018 Data Analytics Workshop Jyväskylä Robert J. Kauffman
June 19–20, 2018 Inforte Summer School on Software Visualizations Tampere Xavier Le Pallec
May 28–29, 2018 Location Based Services/Marketing Turku Ranjan B. Kini
Reima Suomi
April 10–11, 2018 Technical Debt Management Workshop Espoo Antonio Martini
Eltjo Poort
Ville Manninen
March 13–14, 2018 Running Crossover Experiments in Software Engineering Oulu Sira Vegas
March 6–7, 2018 The Importance of Time: Managing Temporal Complexity in IS Research Helsinki Kieran Conboy
February 26–27, 2018 Developing and Validating Process Theory Helsinki Kalle Lyytinen
February 1–2, 2018 Management of very large IT projects Turku Robert Winter
Reima Suomi
October 10–11, 2017 Dark Side of Information Systems Tampere Monideepa Tarafdar
October 2–4, 2017 Qualitative Research Workshop Jyväskylä Michael D. Myers
September 19–20, 2017 Industrial and Academic Perspectives on Improving Software Testing Oulu Michael Felderer
September 6–7, 2017 International Symposium on Design Science in Innovation and Engineering Research (DSIER) Lappeenranta Alan Hevner
Henk Sol
Bernhard Thalheim
August 25, 2017 Responding to Reviewer Feedback: Do’s and Don’t’s from an Author’s, Reviewer’s and Editor’s Perspective Helsinki Chee-Wee Tan
August 16–18, 2017 State of the Art in Digitalisation Jyväskylä Tilo Böhmann
Kalle Lyytinen
Tuure Tuunanen
July 31 – August 6, 2017 Software engineering for sustainability and code camp Lappeenranta Colin C. Venters
Stefanie Benz
Birgit Penzenstadler
June 21 – September 8, 2017 How to Publish in Top Information Systems Journals Jyväskylä Mikko Siponen
June 13–15, 2017 Making a Theoretical Contribution Jyväskylä Shirley Gregor
May 23–24, 2017 Big Social Data Analytics Tampere Ravi Vatrapu
Raghava Rao Mukkamala
Jari Jussila
May 18–19, 2017 Quantitative Research VI: Recent advances and current debates in quantitative research Jyväskylä Mikko Rönkkö
May 10–11, 2017 Energy Informatics (Cancelled. Might be arranged during 2018) Vaasa Richard Watson
Pasi Juppo
Andy Lundström
April 24–25, 2017 The Importance of Context: An Action Research Perspective Helsinki Robert M Davison
April 19–20, 2017 Quantitative Research V: Multilevel modeling Jyväskylä Mikko Rönkkö
April 7, 2017 Studying Smart Cities through Action Design Research Helsinki Sandeep Purao
April 4–6, 2017 Affect Detection in the Social Programmer Ecosystem Oulu Nicole Novielli
February 27–28, 2017 Quantitative Research IV: Confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation models Jyväskylä Mikko Rönkkö
January 25–26, 2017 Quantitative Research III: Measurement and basics of factor analysis Jyväskylä Mikko Rönkkö
December 8–9, 2016 Quantitative Research II: Further applications of regression analysis, marginal effects, and generalized linear models Jyväskylä Mikko Rönkkö
December 1–2, 2016 Workshop on Artificial Cognition Tampere David Vernon
Marja-Leena Linne
Steve Furber
October 24–25, 2016 Mining Software Repositories Oulu Bram Adams
October 18–19, 2016 Quantitative Research I: Statistical inference, causal inference, and basics of regression analysis Jyväskylä Mikko Rönkkö
October 3–4, 2016 Sharing Economy, So What?  Helsinki Aleksi Aaltonen
September 5–6, 2016 Publishing Double-Impact Case Research: An Interactive Workshop Helsinki Janis L. Gogan
June 13–14, 2016 The Internet beyond the bits on the wire - Technology, Economics and Policy Tampere Henning Schulzrinne
June 7–9, 2016 Design Science Research in Information Systems Jyväskylä Ken Peffers
May 9–10, 2016 Theorizing in Information Systems Research Turku Anol Bhattacherjee
April 12, 2016 IS renewal Tampere Carl Erik Moe
Samuli Pekkola
April 5–6, 2016 Software Startups – What does the Science Say? Tampere Pekka Abrahamsson
Xiaofeng Wang
March 29–30, 2016 Grounded Theory in Information Systems Research Helsinki Walter Fernandez
Riitta Hekkala
December 7–8, 2015 Information analytics business Tampere Craig Fleisher
Oleksiy Mazhelis
Esko Turunen
November 25–26, 2015 Value-oriented design for children and young people Oulu Ole Sejer Iversen
Bieke Zaman
November 16–17, 2015 The future of money? A look at alternative currencies Helsinki Jonas Hedman
November 3–4, 2015 Theories from case studies in software engineering and information systems research Espoo Roel Wieringa
October 26, 2015 Studying digital transformation in the intersection of business and technology Helsinki Henry Tirri
Matti Rossi
October 21, 2015 Digital Platform Innovation: Concepts in Search of Clarity Helsinki Carsten Sørensen
October 16–17, 2015 Evolving Enterprise Architecture – Leading Business and Technology Turku James Lapalme
Jukka Heikkilä
Mika Helenius
October 14–15, 2015 HCI4D: Overcoming the Digital Divide Tampere Anirudha Joshi
Markku Turunen
Sumita Sharma
Tuuli Keskinen
September 21–22, 2015 Cyber Defence Jyväskylä Martti Lehto
Rauno Kuusisto
Rain Ottis
Torsti Sirén
August 19–20, 2015 Data Analysis Tampere Kimmo Hätönen
Arho Virkki
Ari Visa
Dmitry Shostko
Timo Lehtonen
Timo Erkkilä
Ville Tuominen
August 11–13, 2015 Statistical Methods for Information Systems Research Jyväskylä Frank Chan
June 16–17, 2015 SW Technologies and Development for Multi-Device Environments Tampere Cesare Pautasso
Juan Manuel Murillo Rodríguez
Sasu Tarkoma
April 22–23, 2015 Design Research Helsinki Samir Chatterjee
Sandeep Purao
Matti Rossi
March 11–12, 2015 Data-Infused Digital Goods and Services Helsinki Chee-Wee Tan
February 16–18, 2015 Research and Practice in Software Quality Analysis and Clone Detection Oulu Stefan Wagner
February 11–12, 2015 Information Systems Strategizing Turku Robert Galliers
January 22–23, 2015 Methods in User–technology Studies Helsinki Antti Salovaara
December 15–17, 2014 Software Release Planning Oulu Guenther Ruhe
December 11–12, 2014 ICT4D Tampere Keyur Sorathia
Markku Turunen
Nicholas Mavengere
Jukka Leppänen
November 28, 2014 Digital Activism Helsinki Lisen Selander
Sirkka Järvenpää
October 13–14, 2014 Qualitative Research Methods in Information Systems Jyväskylä Michael D. Myers
September 25–26, 2014 eHealth Turku Stefan Klein
Tobias Mettler
Reima Suomi
September 2–3, 2014 Cyber Security Jyväskylä Dipankar Dasgupta
John R. Williams
August 26–27, 2014 Digital Enterprise Engineering Tampere Henderik A. Proper
June 10–11, 2014 Developing theories in the IS discipline Helsinki Suprateek Sarker
March 18, 2014 Requirement Patterns Oulu Xavier Franch
February 13–14, 2014 Information infrastructure Helsinki Bendik Bygstad
Ole Hanseth
January 30–31, 2014 Wireless Automation: Challenges, Requirements and Applications Vaasa Mohammed Elmusrati
Heikki Koivo
January 20–21, 2014 Practise Research Helsinki Natalia Levina
November 26–27, 2013 Gamification (Cancelled!) Tampere Juho Hamari
November 6–7, 2013 Procedural Content Generation in Games Tampere Julian Togelius
October 29–30, 2013 Enterprise Architecture Management Jyväskylä Robert Winter
October 10–11, 2013 Action Design Research Workshop Helsinki Maung Sein
Matti Rossi
September 25–26, 2013 Case Studies in Information Systems Helsinki Suprateek Sarker
September 23–24, 2013 Requirements Engineering: Lessons learned Oulun yliopisto Alan M. Davis
August 15–16, 2013 Cognitive Cellular Wireless Networks and Dynamic Spectrum Access Jyväskylä Ekram Hossain
June 10–11, 2013 Research Directions in Testing Oulu Jeff Offutt
June 6–7, 2013 Security of e-Systems and Computer Networks Tampere Mohammad S. Obaidat
April 23–24, 2013 Advanced Wireless networks Jyväskylä Peter H. J. Chong
April 10–11, 2013 An Introduction to Data Science Oulu Ayse Bener
April 3–4, 2013 Big Data and Social Media Analytics Helsinki Sudha Ram
March 18–19, 2013 Designing User Studies in Informatics Helsinki Gondy Leroy
February 12–13, 2013 Grounded Theory Helsinki Cathy Urquhart
Riitta Hekkala
December 3–4, 2012 Experimental Research Methods for Human-Computer Interaction Tampere Scott MacKenzie
December 3–4, 2012 Contingency Management based on ICT Turku Mayumi Hori
Masakazu Ohashi
October 10–12, 2012 Epistemology and Theory Building Helsinki Sirkka Järvenpää
September 19, 2012 Open Data and Hacktivism Helsinki Youngjin Yoo
George Kuk
Juho Lindman
September 13–14, 2012 Social Network Analysis Helsinki Prof. Molly Wasko
August 21–22, 2012 Software Patenting Tampere Dr. Shmuel Ur
Harri Koivisto
August 16–17, 2012 Developing and Validating Process Theory Jyväskylä Prof. Kalle Lyytinen
July 4–5, 2012 Partial Least Squares Path Modeling: Introduction and Application Jyväskylä Dr. Jörg Henseler
April 25–26, 2012 LTE Self-Organising Networks(SON): Network Management Automation for Operation Efficiency Helsinki Dr. Seppo Hämäläinen
April 23–24, 2012 Re-thinking Quantitative Research: From Discovery to Destiny Helsinki Prof. Michel Avital
March 27–28, 2012 Model-Based Testing Tampere Dr. Antti Jääskeläinen
Dr. Teemu Kanstrén
Dr. Antti Kervinen
Mr. Szilárd Széll
Dr. Dragos Truscan
March 20–21, 2012 Case Studies in Information Systems Helsinki Prof. Suprateek Sarker
December 15–16, 2011 Enterprise Architecture - Evolving Theory and Approaches, Public Sector Experiences Jyväskylä John Gotze
Jukka Heikkilä
Ari Hirvonen
Timo Itälä
Juha Koivula
Jouko Poutanen
Aki Siponen
November 21, 2011 Case Studies in Software Engineering Research Jyväskylä Martin Höst
October 27, 2011 Business Process Management Helsinki Björn Niehaves
Kevin Ortbach
October 6–7, 2011 IS Evaluation Jyväskylä Jytte Brender
Pirkko Nykänen
October 3–4, 2011 Green Communications Helsinki Zhisheng Niu
September 26–27, 2011 eGovernment Turku Anthony Cresswell
Tero Päivärinta
Reima Suomi
September 15–16, 2011 Practical Internet Security Tampere Daniel Migault
Tuure Vartiainen
Lutz Donnerhacke
Antti Tikkanen
Kimmo Puranen
June 13–14, 2011 Crowdsourcing, Innovation and Information Technology Jyväskylä Helmut Krcmar
Isabel Ramos
Pia Erkinheimo
June 6–7, 2011 Human-Computer Interaction in Virtual Worlds and Mobile Commerce Helsinki Fiona Nah
Keng Siau
May 24–25, 2011 Discovery, Analysis, and Integration with Customers to Co-design Service Value Helsinki Ken Peffers
Tuure Tuunanen
May 17, 2011 Harmony and Profit from Short-term Change and Long-term Stability in Software Tampere James O. Coplien
May 2–3, 2011 Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems Tampere Mohammad Obaidat
April 13–14, 2011 Practical Software Architecting Helsinki Paris Avgeriou
Neil B. Harrison
Uwe van Heesch
Risto Suoranta
March 21–22, 2011 Application/Software/Service Package-based IS Development Oulu Jan Damsgaard
Sven Overhage
Martti Karjalainen
Matti Rossi
December 1, 2010 Action Research: Theory and Practise Tampere Tomi Männistö
Marjo Kauppinen
Anu Raninen
November 17, 2010 Media Management in a Converging World: Issues of Content and Infrastructure Business Helsinki Claudia Loebbecke
September 30 – October 1, 2010 Relevance and Rigor of IS Research Turku Dan Remenyi
Pertti Järvinen
Reima Suomi
September 29–30, 2010 Computer Ethics Turku Jari Palomäki
Tero Vartiainen
Kari Kaipainen
Herman T. Tavani
Kai Kimppa
September 23–24, 2010 Analysis and Design of Wireless Networks: A Stochastic Geometry Approach Oulu Martin Haenggi
September 7–8, 2010 Vehicular Networks Oulu Rajeev Shorey
June 22–24, 2010 Workshop on Tactical Communication Systems Kauhava Amir Averbuch
Hannu H. Kari
Dhadesugoor R. Vaman
June 10–11, 2010 Management and Governance of Distributed IS Projects Oulu Amrit Tiwana
Pentti Marttiin
May 27–28, 2010 Measurements, Analysis and Modeling of Wireless Networks Jyväskylä Maria Papadopouli
May 26–28, 2010 Digital Innovation Workshop Pori Sirkka L. Jarvenpää
Anna Majchrzak
Jay F. Nunamaker
Juhani Iivari
April 28, 2010 Mobile Services Espoo Jan Damsgaard
Jonas Hedman
April 8–9, 2010 Qualitative Research Workshop Helsinki Michael D. Myers
March 29–30, 2010 Cloud Computing and Service Engineering Helsinki Aake Edlund
Stefan Tai
March 4, 2010 Software Ecosystems and Software Product Management Jyväskylä Slinger Jansen
Sjaak Brinkkemper
February 12–13, 2010 Long Term Evolution (LTE) and HSPA Evolution Tampere Harri Holma
Antti Toskala
December 4, 2009 Game Design and Playability Testing Helsinki Tommy Palm
Elina Ollila
November 26–27, 2009 Cognitive Radio Communications and Dynamic Spectrum Access Helsinki Alexander M. Wyglinski
November 12–13, 2009 Enterprise and Business Architecture Helsinki Sandeep Purao
Kari Smolander
Matti Rossi
Jaakko Riihinen
October 29–30, 2009 Machine Learning for Signal Processing Espoo Asoke Nandi
October 12–13, 2009 Digital Service Design Espoo Christian Grönroos
Esko Penttinen
Matti Rossi
Virpi Tuunainen
Tuure Tuunanen
October 5–6, 2009 Software metrics - a quantitative basis for estimating software processes and products Tampere Stephen Kan
Tibor Gyimothy
Rudolf Ferenc
Kirsi Korhonen
August 28–29, 2009 Wireless LAN Security Seinäjoki James T. Yu
August 28–29, 2009 Current issues in software engineering and information systems development Tampere Peter Axel Nielsen
Pertti Järvinen
August 20–21, 2009 Workshop on Global software development and offshoring Hankasalmi Erran Carmel
Pär Ågerfalk
KBC Saxena
Jan Pawlowski
Anicet Yalaho
June 2–3, 2009 Design Science Research Evaluation Helsinki John Venable
Kalle Lyytinen
Juhani Iivari
Jan Holmström
Matti Rossi
May 7–8, 2009 Innovation opportunities and challenges of digital technologies Oulu Youngjin Yoon
Ilkka Tuomi
May 5–6, 2009 Web 2.0: How to build a successful online community? Tampere Martin Reed
Anne Kaikkonen
Maria Antikainen
Saila Ovaska
Juha Leino
Peter Peltonen
Lassi Kurkijärvi
May 4, 2009 Workshop on End User Training Research Helsinki Lorne Olfman
Maung Sein
April 2–3, 2009 eHealth Turku Stefan Kirn
Nilmini Wickramasinghe
February 17–18, 2009 Adopting SOA - methods, techniques and practises Helsinki Harry M. Sneed
Grace Lewis
February 4–6, 2009 Quality Concerns in Open Source Software Tampere Ari Jaaksi
Ernesto Damiani
Björn Lundell
Michael Widenius
December 9–10, 2008 Current Trends in Design Science Research Jyväskylä Juhani Iivari
Pertti Järvinen
Matti Rossi
November 3–4, 2008 Understanding Consumer Use of ICT Helsinki Hans van der Heijden
Olli Pitkänen
Timo Koivumäki
Anssi Öörni
Mika Pantzar
April 16–17, 2008 E-Goverment Jyväskylä Hannu Salmela
Airi Salminen
Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko
Åke Grönlund
Olli-Pekka Rissanen
Reima Suomi
Walter Fernandez
Tero Päivärinta