Cognitive Radio Communications and Dynamic Spectrum Access

This course will study how cognitive radio systems can enable dynamic spectrum access networking in order to achieve more efficient utilization of wireless spectrum. Topics to be covered include wireless spectrum occupancy characterization, on-contiguous transmission techniques, cognitive radio optimization and adaptation, and implementation of adaptive communication algorithms on software-defined radio platforms.


Hotel Arthur, Vuorikatu 19, Helsinki


Prof. Alexander M. Wyglinski, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) 


Thursday 26th of November
12.15 Opening (Tapani Ristaniemi)
12:30 Lecture 1: Radio Frequency Spectrum and Regulation
14:00 Coffee
14:15 Lecture 2: Digital Communication Fundamentals for Cognitive Radio
15:45 Break
16:00 Lecture 3: Spectrum Sensing and Identification
17:30 Coffee
17:45 Lecture 4: Spectrum Access and Sharing
19:15 End of Day 1

Friday 27th of November
08:30 Lecture 5: Agile Transmission Techniques
10:00 Coffee
10:15 Lecture 6: Reconfiguration, Adaptation, and Optimization
11:45 Break
13:00 Lecture 7: Information Theoretical Limits on Cognitive Radio
14:30 Coffee
14:45 Lecture 8: Cognitive Radio for Broadband Wireless Access in TV Bands: The IEEE 802.22 Standards
16:15 End of Day 2


Please, registrate through our website. Participation fee for one participation is 360e. For INFORTE member organisations' staff, participation is free-of-charge. Meals and accommodation are not included.


If you actively participate the lectures and do the homework assignment related to this course, you will gain a certificate of 3 credit points. Certificates will be delivered by post, please, bring it to your own study secretary who will put the credit points to your study register.