Software metrics - a quantitative basis for estimating software processes and products

Software metrics can be used as a quantitative basis to support development and validation of software processes and products. They can be used to improve e.g. software productivity and quality. Software metrics are often categorized into process and product related metrics. In this seminar, we will discuss them both, and from both academic and practical point of view. We will also discuss methods and tool support for calculating metrics.


Eetvartti-auditorium, Sokos Hotel Villa, Sumeliuksenkatu 16, 33100 Tampere


Stephen Kan, IBM/University of Minnesota, USA
Prof. Tibor Gyimothy, University of Szeged
Prof. Rudolf Ferenc, University of Szeged
Kirsi Korhonen, Nokia Siemens Networks


Steve Kan: "In-process metrics and quality assessment: and industry perspective" Along the way, potentail research topics for students who might be interested will be suggested. Also, a brief presentation / discusson on agile metrics will be given.

Kirsi Korhonen: "Quality metrics to support defect management in a large-scale multi-site organization" The presentation will introduce a quality improvement project which was done in a real, large scale and multi-site software development environment. The material will cover background, implementation and results of the improvement project.
Rudolf Ferenc: In the first part of my presentation ("Software product metrics") I will introduce the most popular software product metrics. I will show their definitions and explain their intuitive meaning, illustrated on small code snippets and/or UML class diagrams. I will also reason about the usefulness and applicability of these metrics in practice, in the daily work of software developers.
In the second part ("Software product metrics in practice") I will show how product metrics can be used meaningfully in practice. I will calculate metrical values of an open source software system and pinpoint the most problematic parts of the code based on the metrics.

Tibor Gyimothy: "The quality of the software quality models based on product metrics"
Product metrics are often used to predict various quality attributes of software products, such as maintainability,   changeability, and error-proneness. In the first part of my talk I will present some quality models based on object-oriented product design metrics. The software developers are usually skeptical about the usefulness of these models. On the basis of a survey, I will give an overview on the developers' view on the usability of the software product metrics.


*October 5 2009*

Morning coffee/tea
09:15 Opening (Tarja Systä)
09:30 SW measurement basics - Dos and Don'ts (Steve Kan)
11:00 Break
11:30 Effort / outcome approach to In-process metrics (Steve Kan)
12:30 Lunch break
13:30 Process measurements and SPC for software metrics  (Steve Kan)
14:30 Coffee break
15:00 Linking metrics and indicators to business decision in software
quality management: the Quality Predictive Indicator (QPI) process
(Steve Kan)
Discussions, social activities

*October 6 2009*

Morning coffee/tea
09:15 Quality metrics to support defect management in a large-scale
multi-site organization (Kirsi Korhonen)
10:15 Break
10:30 Software product metrics (Rudolf Ferenc)
12:00 Lunch break
13:00 The quality of the software quality models based on product metrics (Tibor
14:30 Coffee break
15:00 Software product metrics in practice (Rudolf Ferenc)