Case Studies in Software Engineering Research

A short course by prof. Martin Höst, Director of the M.Sc. Programme in Computer Science and Engineering at Lund University.

This course is free-of-charge for everybody.

Sokos Hotel Alexandra, Hannikaisenkatu 35, Jyväskylä

08.00 Morning coffee and opening
08.30 Lecture
10.00 Break
10.15 Lecture
11.45 Lunch in hotel Alexandra
12.30 Lecture
13.30 Closing

Software engineering research concerns development of software in an industrial environment, which involves complex activities and which results depend on many interrelated factors. This means that case study research in many situations is a useful research approach, since it makes it possible to study a phenomenon in its real context instead of in isolation. The course covers all aspects of case study research in software engineering, from design and planning of data collection, to analysis and reporting of results. The course includes both lectures and practical parts where published case studies are studied.

Per Runeson, Martin Höst, "Guidelines for conducting and reporting case study research in software engineering", Empirical Software Engineering, Vol. 14, No. 2, 2010,

Participating the event and returning an acceptable home assignment (instructions given during the seminar) entitles to one credit point. Credit points are proven by sending the participants a certificate that they have to bring their own study secretary / supervisor, to get the credit to their online study register.