Relevance and Rigor of IS Research

There is increasing pressure on all academics to improve their publication list. More published research is required and academics are continually being told that they have to publish in better journals. To achieve this there is an increasing need for more rigour and relevance in academic research. However these two critical concepts are not all that well understood. Both faculty and research degree candidates often have difficulty with these concepts and that can lead to muddled arguments in dissertations and papers. In addition the concepts of generalisation, replication, integrity and value are sometimes raised when academic research is being evaluated. This seminar addresses how to improve academic research and how to present it so that it is clear it is both rigorous and relevance. The seminar addresses these issues as they affect research for degree purposes as well as research for publication in peer reviewed journals. The seminar is interactive with opportunities for the participants to contribute as well as ask question. The participants will have an opportunity to evaluate some published papers for themselves.


Please, register through the link on this page. Participants are taken in the registration order, as long as there is free space in the class room.
This course is free-of-charge for INFORTE member organisation's staff. For others, participation fee is 360 EUR. You can check the list of the member organizations when filling in the registration form.


Prof. Dan Remenyi - Trinity College Dublin
Prof. Pertti Järvinen - Tampereen yliopisto
Prof. Reima Suomi - Turun yliopisto


Thursday 30th of September
09:45 Coffee and welcome (be here by 10:00)
10:00 Introduction to the topic (Remenyi)
11:45 Lunch
13:00 Introduction to the topic continued (Remenyi)
14:45 Coffee break
15:15 The challenges of rigour (Järvinen)
16:15 The challenges of relevance (Suomi)
17:00 End of day 1
18:00-21:00 Social event for those registered separately at Kiitorata (Yliopistonkatu 29). Registration for the evening program is now closed.

Friday 1st of October
09:00 Coffee served
09:15 Implementing rigour in practice (Remenyi)
11.15 Implementing rigour in practice (Remenyi)
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 The interplay between reading and writing articles (Suomi)
14:45 Coffee break
15:15 Implications for selecting the research methods (Järvinen)
16:00 Closing


You can earn three credit points by actively participatin to the event and writing a home assignement given at the event. Returning date for the home assignement will also be given at the event.