Strategic approach to platform-based software and systems development


Room V 2002, Business school building,  Ekonominaukio 1, Espoo

Tuesday 15.11. from 10:15 to 16

Wednesday 16.11. from 9 to 15:00


Registration is open until November 7.


Associate Professor Slinger Jansen, Utrecht University,

Associate Professor Ben Eaton, Copenhagen Business School,



In this seminar we combine a software engineering and information systems perspective to platform ecosystems. The goal is to look at strategies employed in developing and maintaining the software that forms the core of modern digital platform ecosystems. Topics covered consist of maturity of platforms, platform risks and evolution of platforms to name a few. Our distinguished speakers, Slinger Jansen and Ben Eaton, have long practical and research perspective on the topic. The seminar is implemented by an Academy of Finland funded research project, whose researchers Sonja Hyrynsalmi, Kari Koskinen and Jaakko Vuolasto present also their findings and views.

Detailed program

Day 1 15.11. 10:00 - 16:00

- Seminar opening, Matti Rossi

- A focus area maturity model for software ecosystem governance, Slinger Jansen

- Where does this feature belong to? Locating B2B features in a platform ecosystem, Jaakko Vuolasto

- Between The Rock and The Hard Place - Conflicts in Implementing Integration Platforms, Sonja Hyrynsalmi


Day 2 16.11.  9:00 - 15:00

- Managing and Evolving the Platform Core, Ben Eaton

- Managing Risk in Platform Ecosystems, Kari Koskinen

- Panel discussion, discussants Ben Eaton, Slinger Jansen, Matti Rossi, and Kari Smolander, discussion led by Kari Koskinen, Sonja Hyrynsalmi and Jaakko Vuolasto


A short written assignment about platform strategies to be returned after the seminar.


Slinger Jansen. A focus area maturity model for software ecosystem governance. Information and Software Technology, 2020 (pdf). (open access)

Jansen, S., Cusumano, M., & Popp, K. M. (2019). Managing Software Platforms and Ecosystems. IEEE Software, 36(3), 17-21. (pdf)

Bonina, C. and Eaton, B., 2020. Cultivating open government data platform ecosystems through governance: Lessons from Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Montevideo. Government Information Quarterly, 37(3), p.101479. (link)

Toppenberg, G., Henningsson, S. and Eaton, B., 2016, January. Reinventing the platform core through acquisition: A case study. In 2016 49th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) (pp. 4634-4643). IEEE. (link)

Credit points

Doctoral students participating in the seminar can obtain 2 credit points. This requires participating and completing the assignments.

Registration fee

This seminar is free-of-charge for member organization's staff and their PhD students. For others the participation fee is 400 €. The participation fee includes access to the event and the event materials. Lunch and dinner are not included.