Schedule and location

Thursday December 11th - Friday December 12th
SimSpace, University of Tampere (Kanslerinrinne 1, Tampere, PinniB-building) 


Registration is open November 1st - December 2nd


Assistant Professor Keyur Sorathia, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India 
Professor Markku Turunen, University of Tampere
Dr. Nicholas Mavengere, University of Tampere 
Dr. Jukka Leppänen, University of Tampere School of Medicine


Dr. Nicholas Mavengere, University of Tampere
Ms. Sumita Sharma, University of Tampere
Mr. Juhani Linna, University of Tampere 


There is increased use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for development purposes. For example, US$800bn spent on ICTs by transitional and developing economies and world bank spend approx. US$800m per year in ICTs related loans. In addition, private sectors invest in Africa mobile phones around US$10bn per year. This is a significant investment which needs empirical demonstration of the value ICTs are bringing to the development efforts. This seminar aims to do that, that is, highlight the differing roles ICTs are being applied to enhance development. To do that, a theoretical basis which includes development measures and UN Millennium Development goals is included.

Attention! On Friday's schedule there will be an "Open stage" for those who wants to give a presentation about their own ICT4D research subject. You have five minutes to present your reasearch and then the audience has five minutes to ask questions about your research. If you are interested in giving a presentation about your research, please contact organizer as soon as possible.

Detailed Program

Day 1

09:00    Coffee & Registration
09:30    Welcome
10:00    ICT4D: What, Why, How and UN Millennium Development Goals
             (Dr. Nicholas Mavengere)
11:30    Lunch
12:30    Understanding users: An important parameter for ICT4D acceptance
             (Ast. Prof. Keyur Sorathia)
13:30    Coffee
13:45    Case Study 1: ICT4D Education: Mozambique University Case
             (Dr. Nicholas Mavengere)
14:45    Case Study 2: Grass is not always greener on the other side: A flip side of ICT in developing regions
             (Ast. Prof. Keyur Sorathia)
15.45    Close

Day 2

09:00    Coffee & Registration
09:30    Open Stage: 5 minute presentations
             (Prof. Markku Turunen, PhD students and the rest of the audience)
10:30    Case Study 3: M-banking / finance: The Case of M-PESA 5
             (Dr. Nicholas Mavengere)
11:30    Lunch
12:30    Case Study 4: Chetna - a gestural interface to empower rural pregnant women in India
             (Ast. Prof. Keyur Sorathia)
13:30    Coffee
13:45    Case Study 5: Towards new technologies for assessing early childhood development in global contexts
             (Dr. Jukka Leppänen)
14:45    Case Study 6: RuralVoice - Sustainable development with mobile voice-based services for rural India illiterate people
             (Prof. Markku Turunen)
15.45->  Open discussion & Networking Evening

Credit points

Doctoral students participating in the seminar can obtain 3 credit points. This requires participating on all days and completing the assignments. Only participation equals 1 credit point.

Registration fee

This seminar is free-of-charge for Inforte.fi member organization's staff and their PhD students. For others the participation fee is 750 €. The participation fee includes access to the event and the event materials. Lunch and dinner are not included.