Discovery, Analysis, and Integration with Customers to Co-design Service Value

This seminar exploits the convergence of two important streams of research and practice in marketing and IS, potentially enabling the tremendous value creation for customers and the firm.

There is a recognition in marketing that it is better to conceive of products and services as services, where customers and the firm co-create value through their mutual behavior. In other words, services are not produced, but co-created. Customers and the firms can optimize value by co-designing the services. In information systems, more and more systems are developed for customers outside the organization, e.g., consumers. These external customers represent challenges for traditional systems analysis methodology in understanding what functionality and features will create the most value for them.

We have begun the development of a new stream of applicable research that combines these two streams to develop and implement techniques and methods to support the participation of the firm and (potential) customers in discovery, analysis, and integration co-design activities, to maximize the potential value of systems, applications, and services to the customer. 

Professor Ken Peffers, University of Nevada, USA
Dr. Tuure Tuunanen, University of Oulu

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Session 1—Tuesday (10am – 12 noon)

Introduction. Convergence of discovery, analysis and integration activities and service co-creation.

(Tuunanen et al., 2006, Tuunanen et al., 2010b)

Session 2—Tuesday (1pm – 3pm)

Discovery, analysis and Integration activities.

(Peffers et al., 2003)

Session 3—Tuesday


Discovery workshop: data collection with laddering interviews.

Session 4—Wednesday (9am – 11am)

Co-design theory.

(Tuunanen and Peffers, 2011)

Session 5—Wednesday (12 noon– 2pm)

Analysis workshop: thematic clustering.

(Tuunanen et al., 2004)

Session 6—Wednesday  (2:30pm – 4pm)

Research ideation session.

(Tuunanen et al., 2010a)

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You can earn 2-3 credit points by actively participating to the event and writing a home assignement. More details will be given at the event.