Algorithmic Management


Agora, room AgC231.1, University of Jyväskylä (address: Mattilanniemi 2, Jyväskylä)


Registration is open until May 16th .


Professor Markus Salo, Faculty of Information Technology, University of Jyväskylä.



 Professor Monideepa Tarafdar, Charles J. Dockendorff Professor at Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst



Algorithms based on machine learning have given rise to new forms of work. Algorithm-mediated tasks are expected to dramatically increase in both the organizational and societal contexts. This course will be in two parts. The first day will cover research that examines the emerging and distinctive Information Systems phenomena associated with the design, deployment and use of AI-based algorithms, in organizational and individual contexts. The second day will include student presentations/proposals (instructions will be provided during the course) and a session about publishing in top journals. 

Detailed program

Day 1 

9:15-10:45 Session 1: Algorithmic management 

10:45-11:00 Break 

11:00-12:30 Session 2: Sociotechnical AI 

12:30-13:30 Lunch break 

13:30-15:00 Session 3: Algorithmic Transparency 

(15:00-17:00 Time for developing presentations/proposals) 


Day 2 

9:15-10:45 Session 4: Proposal presentations 

10:45-11:00 Break 

11:00-12:30 Session 5: Publishing in top journals


Credit points

Doctoral students participating in the seminar can obtain 2 credit points. This requires participating and completing the assignments.

Registration fee

This seminar is free-of-charge for member organization's staff and their PhD students. For others the participation fee is 400 €. The participation fee includes access to the event and the event materials. Lunch and dinner are not included.