Action Research: Theory and Practise

Action research (toimintatutkimus in Finnish) is a reflective process of progressive problem solving, aiming at improvements in the subject organization by influencing its practises. Researcher's participation in the practises and every day work in the subject organizaation is essential in action research. In this seminar, the underlying theory of action research and concrete examples and cases are discussed.

Tomi Männistö, Aalto University of Science and Technology
Marjo Kauppinen, Aalto University of Science and Technology
Anu Raninen, University of Eastern Finland

Participation costs 200e/person. INFORTE member organisation's staff can participate for free.  You can check the list of the member organizations when filling in the registration form. Participants are taken in the registration order as long as there are free seats in the class room.

This event will be organized at Hotel Victoria, Itsenäisyydenkatu 1, Tampere. Victoria is located within 200 meters from Tampere railway station


  9:30 Morning Coffee
10:00 Opening (Tarja Systä)
10:05 Introduction to Action Research (Marjo Kauppinen and Tomi Männistö)
           - theory, experiences, tips, cases etc.
11:30 Lunch Break
12:30 From Chaos to Control: Improving the processes of a Small Software Company (Anu Raninen)
13:15 Exercise (Marjo Kauppinen and Tomi Männistö)
14:00 Coffee break
14:30 Exercise continues / Discussion (Marjo Kauppinen and Tomi Männistö)
16:30 Closing

There is a possibility to gain two credit points by actively participating the course and writing a 4-5 pages essay concerning the topic. More specific details were given during the seminar. Return your assignemet by December 31st to and
Certificates of the credit points will be delivered on paper for the participants afterwards. Please, give the certificate to your study secretary who can put the credits into your the register.