Cybersecurity and resilience of critical infrastructures: Case of Smart Systems


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Professor Tero Vartiainen, University of Vaasa
Senior Researcher Mike Mekkanen, University of Vaasa
Associate professor, Docent Jyri Paasonen, University of Vaasa
Senior Lecturer, Docent Jonna Järveläinen, University of Turku


Professor Tero Vartiainen, University of Vaasa 


This course considers cybersecurity and resilience of critical infrastructures from technical and social viewpoints. After this course student understands the use of standards in a smart system, smart grid, in protecting the system from cyberattacks. In addition, the student understands the division of operational technology and information technology with respect of cybersecurity concerns. Taken the social and management viewpoints the student understand legal issues and role of criminology with respect of cybersecurity and how to manage organization (e.g., planning, risk management) to guarantee business continuity.

Detailed Program

Day 1                                 

9:45 Opening of the day, professor Tero Vartiainen 

  • socio-technical view to cybersecurity
  • critical infrastructures
  • task for doctoral students


10:00 Standardization and Security for Smart Systems (Smart Grid) Communication Based on IEC Standards, Senior Researcher Mike Mekkanen 

  • Fundamentals and Principles of IEC 61850 standards
    • Background Information and Basic Concepts
    • Data Models Architecture
    • Communication Protocols (GOOSE, Sampled Values, MMS)
    • Network Architecture and Time Synchronization
    • Configuration Testing and Commissioning
  • Description of the security Addition to IEC 61850 Data Exchange protocols Based on IEC 62351 Standards
    • Power Systems Security Capabilities
    • Power System Security Requirements
    • Power System Security Options (GOOSE, SMV, MMS and SCL)
  • Security Key Concepts by (IEC) and The deference Between IT and OT systems Infrastructure, Security Requirements and Priorities
  • Digital Twin Vision for Smart Systems at A Glance


Lunch break

12:00 State of affairs of cybersecurity in critical infrastructures, Associate professor, Docent Jyri Paasonen 

  • Theories of criminology applied to Finnish state of affair
  • Management systems, standards
  • Risk management
  • Renovation of law systems with respect of cybersecurity



13:00 Business continuity management and resiliency, Senior Lecturer, Docent Jonna Järveläinen 

  • introduction to business continuity, resiliency and business continuity management
  • planning and managing business continuity in organizations/ inter-organizational management of business continuity
  • collective mindfulness processes facilitating business continuity in high-reliability organizations and critical infrastructures


15:00 (latest) Closing, professor Tero Vartiainen

  • instructions for doctoral students


Writing a reflective learning diary. 

Credit points

Doctoral students participating in the seminar can obtain 1 credit point. This requires participating and completing the assignments.

Registration fee

This seminar is free-of-charge for member organization's staff and their PhD students. For others the participation fee is 250 €. The participation fee includes access to the event and the event materials. Lunch and dinner are not included.