Web 2.0: How to build a successful online community?

The aim of the seminar is to present recent advances from research organizations and companies related to the area of Web 2.0 and social media. A special focus of the seminar is on developing successful online communities and promoting user participation and content creation.

This event is organized together with PROFCOM project. See more infe from PROFCOM's Tampere university of technology site, and Lappeenranta university of technology site.


Martin Reed, Community Strategist, CommunitySpark.com
Anne Kaikkonen, Nokia
Maria Antikainen, VTT
Saila Ovaska, University of Tampere
Juha Leino, University of Tampere
Peter Peltonen, Helsinki Institute of Information Technology (HIIT)
Lassi Kurkijärvi, Helsingin Sanomat



09:00 Coffee
09:15 Opening
09:30 Saila Ovaska and Juha Leino, University of Tampere: A survey on Web 2.0.
11:00 Martin Reed, Community Strategist, CommunitySpark.com: Building an online community from scratch - Why, Where, How?
12:00 Lunch break *)
13:00 Anne Kaikkonen, Nokia: Designing media sharing for multiplatform environment
14:30 Maria Antikainen, VTT: Innovating Is Fun - Motivations to Participate in Online Open Innovation Communities
16:00 Closing
16.30 Social gathering and informal discussions, ravintola Telakka, Tullikamarinaukio 3. Telakka's terrace is open, and Tuesday evening's program at Telakka starts at 21.00.


09:00 Opening and coffee
09:15 Martin Reed, Community Strategist, CommunitySpark.com: Online community management - how to avoid chaos and create a positive community environment.
10:15 Martin Reed: workshop on community building
12:00 Lunch break *)
13:00 Lasse Kurkijärvi, Helsingin Sanomat: Experiences of building online communities
14:00 Peter Peltonen, HIIT: Beyond one-to-one communications on mobile devices: Mobile group media
15:00 Discussion
15:30 Closing

*) Lunch can be bought from Attila restaurant


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