Workshop on Tactical Communication Systems

Situational awareness is one of the key factors in modern warfare. The one who has better knowledge about the real time situation in the battlefield is always able to plan his actions and his reactions to the enemy actions in a superior manner. Modern communication technology enables us to collect a rich amount of different kinds of data from the battlefield. The information provided by satellites, air forces and radars must be combined with the data measured by local area networks scattered to the battlefield area or carried by soldiers and vehicles in the battlefield. In certain circumstances just some of the pre-listed monitoring systems are available. In urban warfare, satellites or any monitoring systems that require a line of sight can not be applied to figure out what happens inside the buildings. Some systems can also be temporarily or completely disabled because of the electronic warfare performed by the enemy. As a consequence, a secure communication, a novel use of the communication spectrum and advanced data processing methods are required to enable a robust operation of the tactical communication system.

Prof. Amir Averbuch, Tel Aviv University, Israel; FiDiPro Professor, University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
Prof. Hannu H. Kari, Research Director of Finnish National Defence University
Prof. Dhadesugoor R. Vaman, Director of ARO Center of Excellence in Battlefield Communications, Prairie View A&M University, Texas, USA

Participation fee is 360 EUR / person. Participation is free-of-charge for INFORTE member organizations' employees.

This event will be organized at Finnish Institute for Enterprise Management, in Kauhava: Kauppatie 109, 62200 Kauhava.

Lectures take place in "Luokka 110" (Lecture room 110)

Participants can accommodate there in Summer Hotel Tuppiroska 
Please, book your accommodation yourself (accommodation is to be paid by the participants, or their employers).

REGISTRATIONS - extended deadline - by 8th of June
Please, register through the link on this page. Registration are taken in the registration order as long as there are free seats.


Tuesday 22nd - Luokka 110

Tactical Communication Systems -  Hannu H. Kari
09:45 Morning coffee and opening (Reino Virrankoski)
10:00 Lecture 1
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Lecture 2
14:00 Afternoon coffee
14:15 Lecture 3
15:45 Break
16:00 Lecture 4
17:00 Dinner

Wednesday 23rd - Luokka 110

Cyber War Protection via High Dimensional Processing - Amir Averbuch
09:00 Lecture 1
10:30 Coffee
10:45 Lecture 2
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Lecture 3
14:45 Coffee
15:00 Lecture 4
16:30 Dinner

Thursday 24th - Luokka 110

Cognitive Radio in Battlefield Communication -  Dhadesugoor R. Vaman
09:00 Overview of Battlefield Communications Architecture
10:30 Coffee
10:45 Design of Ad Hoc Mobile Network (MANET) Architecture for
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Cognitive Management Radio Design for MANET
14:45 Coffee
15:00 Design of MANET with Cognitive Radio for Spectrum Efficiency
16:30 Closing

The workshop consists of three full days each of them carrying a different topic lectured by an expert of that area. It is organized in Kauhava, which is the home town of the Training Air Wing of Finnish Air Force. An excursion to the fighter jet simulator will be organized as a part of the social program during one of the summer school evenings. The air force base also organizes an annual Midnight Sun Airshow at the Midsummer eve on 25th-26th of June. The show includes both domestic and foreign flight groups. Those ones who are interested to see the show can extend their staying (by their own cost) in Kauhava by one or two nights. The workshop is targeted to the personnel of the companies operating with military and security communication systems, to the military personnel and to the university students and staff pursuing their degree or doing their research in this or relevant field.