The future of money? A look at alternative currencies

Schedule and location

Monday November 16th 13-16.30
Tuesday November 17th 9.30-112.00
Chydenia H-535, Runeberginkatu 22-24


Registration is open until 12th November.


Professor Jonas Hedman, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.


Professor Virpi Tuunainen, Aalto University School of Business, Finland.

Detailed Program

Day 1

13:00-14:30  Introduction to payment systems
14:30-15:00   Coffee break
15:00-16:30  Digital payments

Day 2

9.30-10.45 Workshop on assigned topic
10.45-11.00  Coffee break
11.00-12.00 Workshop on assigned topic continues

Credit points

Doctoral students participating in the seminar can obtain  1 credit point. This requires participating on all of the days and completing the assignments given at the seminar.


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  • E. Runnemark, J. Hedman, and X. Xiao: Do consumers pay more using debit cards than cash?, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, vol., no. 2015


Registration fee

This seminar is free-of-charge for member organization's staff and their PhD students. For others the participation fee is 750 €. The participation fee includes access to the event and the event materials. Lunch and dinner are not included.