Antikainen, Maria

Dr., VTT

Dr. Maria Antikainen is Research Scientist at VTT in Human-Service Interaction research team. She leads an open innovation virtual team and is currently involved in various projects related to open innovation and social media. Maria also works as part-time lecturer at Tampere Polytechnic teaching relationship marketing and digital marketing.

Maria finished her PhD studies at the University of Tampere in March 2007. Her doctoral thesis concerned the attraction of company online communities from the relationship marketing perspective. She has several publications concerning company online communities from different perspectives, open innovation, social media and open source software communities.

Before starting at VTT, Maria served as project manager and coordinator at the Tampere University of Technology. She was involved in projects related to open source communities and search engine marketing.

During 2001-2004 Maria worked for eBRC, a joint research and development program between Tampere University of Technology and University of Tampere as project manager.