Sneed, Harry M.

Harry M. Sneed (MPA): The instructor, Harry M. Sneed, graduated from the University of Maryland with a Masters Degree in Public Information & Information Sciences in 1969.


After serving four years as a programmer/analyst for the US Navy Dept., he migrated to Germany to work for Siemens as a systems programmer in database system development. In 1978 he left Siemens to found the first commercial software test laboratory together with Dr. Ed Miller of SRA in Budapest. The test laboratory was the first such offshoring project in Europe. From testing, the Budapest laboratory evolved into software tool development. The SoftOrg tool family covered all the phases of the software life cycle from the requirements analysis to the integration test. The tools were employed both in Germany and the Soviet Union. In 1984 Sneed reported on Germany’s first large scale reengineering project at the Bertelmann corporation. (IEEE Software).

Sneed remained laboratory leader and consultant to the SoftOrg usersuntil the collapse of the socialist system in 1989. He then migrated to Switzerland where he remained for 7 years at the Union Bank reengineering legacy systems and developing the first offline maintenance workbench. From 1996 to 1998 he worked as a free lance reengineering consultant in Germany and in 1998 went to Vienna to built tools for a large scale standard software development, where he remained as a quality control manager until 2003. Since then Sneed has been working for the ANECON testing company in Vienna as a software test engineer and migration specialist while at the same time developing maintenance, testing, measurement and migration tools for the SoRing Limited in Budapest.

Next to his industrial career as a test engineer, maintenance engineer, consultant and project leader, Sneed has led a second life as researcher and teacher. He contributed to the first ICSM in Monterey in 1983 and has contributed 20 papers since then. In 2005 he was the General Chair of the ICSM in Budapest and has served since then in the ICSM steering committee. In 1997 he was a founder of the European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering to which he has contributed to every conference since then. In 2002 he was the general chair of the CSMR in Budapest. Sneed has also been active in the Conference on Program Comprehension and the Workshop on Software Reverse Engineering as well as in the EuroStar  testing conferences.

Altogether, he has published more than 60 English technical articles including ones in the IEEE-Transactions, the IEEE Software and the International Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution. In German he has published more than 75 articles and published 18 books on the subjects of maintenance, reengineering, migration, testing and cost estimation. His latest books have been on maintenance management, system testing and SOA migration.

Since the year 2000 Sneed has been teaching software engineering at the University of Regensburg. In addition, he is currently teaching software maintenance at the Fachhochschule Hagenberg in Austria and software testing and measurement at the universities of Szeged in Hungary and Koblenz in Germany.

Sneed has been a member of the IEEE and the ACM since 1976 and a member of the German Informatik Society – GI – since 1978. In 2005 the GI appointed him to be a GI Fellow. The IEEE awarded him for his contributions to the field of software reengineering in 1996. In connection with his current work as a test engineer he is serving as a member of both the Austrian and the Hungarian test boards.