Koivumäki, Timo

Timo Koivumäki received his Ph. D. in Economics and Business Administration in 1999 at the University of Oulu, Finland.

Since 1993 he has held various teaching and research positions in the fields of economics and electronic commerce. During 2002-2007 he acted as the professor of Information and Communication Business at the Department of Marketing at University of Oulu.

Currently he is Research Professor of Mobile Business Applications at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and at University of Oulu. Professor Koivumäki’s research interests include consumer behavior in e-commerce, m-commerce and ubi environments, user-driven open innovation, e-business, m-business, mobile marketing, digital economy, information goods and sports marketing. He is the associate director of OASIS research lab in the University of Oulu. Currently Prof. Koivumäki is involved in UbiLife and ITEI research projects. UBILIFE develops solutions for ubiquitous computing. The project combines the basic research of ubiquitous technology with
Living Lab research. ITEA2/ITEI project studies the integration of user-driven open innovation into software development projects. Prior to Ubilife and ITEI, he has been involved with numerous research projects, such as VRFlow, VRFlow2, B-WEBS, Rotuaari, PEAR, MEF and FUMMAS.

Prof. Koivumäki has published in numerous top level academic journals, such as Electronic Markets, NetNomics, International Journal of Mobile Communications, Behaviour and Information Technology, and International Journal of Information Technology and Management. In addition to scientific activities, prof. Koivumäki has been involved in advisory and steering functions in various information society programs and initiatives in Oulu region.