Böhmann, Tilo

Professor at Department of Informatics of the Universität Hamburg, Germany.

Tilo Böhmann is head of department, Department of Informatics of the Universität Hamburg, and leads the research group on IT Management and Consulting (ITMC) at the Department of Informatics. His research interests focus on Service Systems Engineering, IT ,anagement and innovative digital services and service business models. Previously, he was Professor of Service Management at the International Business School of Hamburg and Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics at the Technische Universität München. He was a visiting professor to the Center of Service Research at Karlstad University (Sweden) in 2010.

Tilo Böhmann leads or co-leads a number of publicly funded research projects. He was and is responsible for research projects, consultancy engagements or management education programs for corporations such as Airbus/EADS, Beiersdorf, T-Systems, SopraSteria, IBM and Siemens. Tilo is a regular speaker and facilitator for corporate clients and business associations.

Tilo Böhmann holds a habilitation degree of the Technische Universität München, a PhD of the University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart, Germany, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar), and a Master of Science degree in information systems of the London School of Economics and Political Science. The German Ministry of Education and Research awarded him the national young researcher award for service research in 2006.


More information: https://www.inf.uni-hamburg.de/en/inst/ab/itmc/team/boehmann.html