Dehghanzadeh, Soheila

Dr. Soheila Dehghanzadeh, R&D of DENSO Automotive Dtl. GmbH, Munich, Germany

Dr. Soheila Dehghanzadeh is a senior research engineer in cloud technologies and big data systems in connected services division in corporate R&D of DENSO Automotive Dtl. GmbH, Munich, Germany. Before joining DENSO she was a lecturer and post-doctoral researcher in Irish Center for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4), Athlone University of technology where she was involved in designing a salable Big data system for sharing threat intelligence using microservices while working on PROTECTIVE H2020 project. Her PhD studies (2012-2016) is done in National university of Ireland, Galway about designing an approach to optimize stream processing systems while dealing with contextual information. She is the winner of Industry fellowship Grant from Science Foundation Ireland to perform independent research on her research interests in 2018 and several travel grants from Google in 2015 and Linux Foundation in 2016 to attend conferences and present her research.