Gogan, Janis L.

Professor, Information & Process Management, Bentley University, USA.

Does case based field research on effective information security incident response and management and use of information technologies in health care and several other industries. Has published more than 110 papers in IS conference proceedings such as AMCIS, ECIS, HICSS, and ICIS and in high-quality peer-reviewed journals such as Case Research Journal, Communications of the Association for Information Systems, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, JMIS, and Journal of Information Technology. Author of numerous Harvard Business School cases on information management that are taught in business schools all over the world, and practitioner columns for Information Week. Recipient of the Bentley Excellence in Scholarship Award, 2001 and several conference Best Paper or Best Case awards.

More information: https://faculty.bentley.edu/details.asp?uname=jgogan