Vernon, David

Professor of Informatics at the University of Skövde, Sweden

vernon.jpgDavid   Vernon   is   a   Professor   of   Informatics   at   the   University   of   Skövde,  Sweden,  where  he  works  on  cognitive  robotics  and  computer  vision,  focusing   mainly  on  cognitive architectures,  autonomous systems, and  visual  attention.    He   is   presently   the   Research   Director   of   DREAM   (,   a  project   funded   by   the   European   Commission   to   deliver   the   next   generation  robot-­‐enhanced   therapy (RET)   for   children   with   autism   spectrum   disorder  (ASD).  In  the  past,  he  coordinated  two  cognition-­‐  and  vision-­‐related  research networks  (  and  and  he  was  a leading member   of   the   team   that   created   the   iCub,   an   open-­‐source   cognitive  humanoid   robot   ( He was   the   chair   of   the   sixth   European Conference   on   Computer   Vision   (ECCV)   in   2000.     During   his   career,   he   has   held   positions   at Westinghouse   Electric,   Trinity   College   Dublin,   the   European   Commission,   the   National   University   of Ireland,  Maynooth,  Science  Foundation  Ireland, Khalifa  University  UAE,  University  of  Genoa,  and  the Technical   University of Munich.   He   serves   on   advisory   board   of   Innopolis   University,   Russia's   first university   dedicated   to   information   technology.   He is a   Senior   Member   of   the   IEEE,   a   Chartered Engineer  of  the  Institution  of  Engineers  of  Ireland,  and  a  past  Fellow  of  Trinity  College  Dublin.    He  is co-­‐chair   of   the   IEEE   Robotics   and   Automation   Society Technical   Committee for   Cognitive   Robotics (­‐,  survey  &  review  editor  of  Cognitive  Systems  Research,  and  associate  editor  of the  IEEE  Transactions  on  Cognitive  and  Developmental  Systems.