Fleisher, Craig S.

Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at Aurora WDC, USA.

Dr. Craig S. Fleisher is the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at Aurora WDC, which is one of the globe's leading professional service firms specializing in the area of competitive, business and market intelligence. He is focused on how to enhance and lead insight-related activities in business; developing innovative, strategic sensemaking/-giving culture, capabilities and processes that result in superior analysis, actionable decisions & market/stakeholder success. Craig is a former President & board member of the international association of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence (CI) Professionals (SCIP), Chair & board member of the CI Foundation (Washington, DC), President of a Canadian public affairs association, Editor of the Journal of CI & Management, Co-Editor of the Handbook of Public Affairs, and is a SCIP Meritorious Award winner & Fellow. A former MBA director, business school dean, and endowed university research chair holder, he is/was a member of university faculties in the US, CA, AU, CH, FI, NZ, UK and ZA. He has facilitated successful workshops or keynoted meetings globally, supervised, supported dozens of graduate theses, and has received international & national instructional awards and recognitions. A leading scholar and prolific author, Fleisher has written or edited 12 books and published scores of refereed papers in the fields of analysis, intelligence, and public affairs/communication. His books are published in over a dozen other languages by leading international companies such as Pearson, Prentice Hall, Financial Times/FT Press, Praeger & SAGE, among others.