Urquhart, Cathy

Cathy Urquhart is Professor of Digital Business at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, and Acting Head of Research at MMU.

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Before returning to the UK in 2009, she worked at the Universities of Tasmania, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast in Australia, and the University of Auckland in New Zealand. She also worked as a systems analyst for eight years in public sector computing in the U.K.

She is a Senior Editor for MIS Quarterly and an Associate Editor for Information Technology and Development.  Honours and awards include; AIS Volunteer Spotlight for Outstanding Contributions to Membership Services in 2008, MIS Quarterly Most Developmental Associate Editor in 2007,Outstanding Paper Award in the journal Information Technology and People in 2000. In 1996, she was noted as one of the most respected teachers of computing in Australia, by Campus Review.

Her current research interests are Green IT and IT in developing countries. She has a strong interest in the use of grounded theory in information systems, and has written extensively on this topic. Her website can be found here http://www2.business.mmu.ac.uk/staff/staffdetails.php?uref=430 and her email address is c.urquhart@mmu.ac.uk

Some selected publications
Hekkala R, and Urquhart C (2012), Everyday Power Struggles: Living in an IOIS project, European Journal of Information Systems, 4 September 2012, doi:10.1057/ejis.2012.43
Urquhart C (2012) Grounded Theory for Qualitative Analysis; A Practical Guide, Sage Publications, November 2012, http://www.uk.sagepub.com/books/Book232280
Urquhart C, Lehmann H and Myers M (2010), Putting the Theory Back into Grounded Theory: Guidelines for Grounded Theory Studies in Information Systems, Information Systems Journal, 20, 4, pp 357-381
Urquhart C (2007)’The Evolving Nature of Grounded Theory Method: The Case of the Information Systems Discipline’ In: Kathy Charmaz and Tony Bryant (ed.), The Handbook of Grounded Theory, Sage Publishers, 2007, pp 311-331
Urquhart C, Fernandez W (2013) Grounded Theory Method: The Researcher as Blank Slate and Other Myths, Journal of Information Technology (3*), forthcoming