Purao, Sandeep

Trustee Professor in the Information and Process Management group at Bentley University.

Sandeep holds a PhD in Management Science (with a focus on Management Information Systems) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. At Bentley, he holds a Trustee Professor position in the Information and Process Management group. His research and teaching deals with the design of complex techno-organizational systems.

Before joining Bentley, he was on the faculty at Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology, and the Computer Information Systems Department in the Business School at Georgia State University. Prior to the academic career, he was a practicing Chartered Accountant (comparable to CPA) in India. He also holds an MBA from Northern Illinois University, where he worked in the Department of Accountancy; and Bachelor’s degrees in Commerce and Law from the University of Mumbai, India.

More information: http://www.purao.net/